How do you keep your bed sheets from wrinkling?

Eliminate Wrinkles From Your Bed Sheets With These Tips

For many people, making the bed is the first action they take when starting the day. The ritual of fixing the sheets and arranging the pillows can provide a sense of consistency to life. It also offers peace of mind, as coming home to a made bed tends to be more calming than returning to see the sheets in a state of disarray.

Of course, there are some issues that can crop up. For one, you may be dealing with bed sheets that constantly look wrinkled. To stop this from happening, consider these simple tips.

Eliminate Wrinkles From Your Bed Sheets With These Tips

Wash the Sheets Consistently

When you lay in bed, your sheets absorb all of the dirt and oils on your skin. Even if you consistently shower before you sleep, you will leave behind skin flakes and other particles. This is why most people wash their sheets roughly once per week. Outside of keeping your bed fresh, washing the sheets regularly helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This works best with cotton sheets, though all materials will have fewer wrinkles when you take time to toss them in the wash each week.

Look for Useful Products

Another interesting way to keep your sheets free of wrinkles is by investing in the right product. A sheet holder is a device that can be used to keep your sheets firmly in place on your bed. This is a perfect fit for people who toss and turn at night, as they are more likely to kick their sheets into a state of chaos. The added benefit of using a holder is that it keeps the sheets taut. This means it is less likely you will see wrinkles when the holders are firmly secured to the bed.

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Steam the Sheets

If a pair of slacks or a shirt become wrinkled, one simple solution is to have the items steamed. Luckily, the same can be done for sheets. A steamer is a simple device that can work wonders on eliminating the wrinkles from your sheets. If you’re trying to remove the wrinkles in a pinch and don’t have access to a steamer, you can try an easy trick when you shower. Hang the sheets over a rack in your bathroom and take a hot shower. The steam will have generally the same impact on wrinkles.

Use Your Dryer

Another tactic you can try when you’re short on time is tossing the sheets into the dryer. Though bed straps for sheets and steamers might be preferable, using your dryer can prove almost as effective. Place the sheets in the dryer and use the tumble setting on low heat. If you have time and the weather permits, you may even want to hang the items out on a clothesline. Not only will they be free of wrinkles, they will be softer and carry a nicer scent.

Try a Quick Spritz

One final tactic to consider is the “spray and go” method. Put your sheets on the bed and make sure that the edges are tightly tucked under the mattress so that the material is taut. Fill a spray bottle with water and give the sheets a few quick spritzes. Use your hand to smooth over any wrinkles and allow the sheets time to dry. When you return, you’ll discover that the wrinkles have faded into memory. Be mindful of how much water you spray, as going overboard can lead to drenched sheets.

Try a Quick Spritz


Where Can I Buy a Holder for Bed Sheets?

If you’re on the hunt for products that can keep your bed sheets free of wrinkles and firmly in place, check out what Bed Scrunchie has to offer. Explore the selection and discover a gadget that will make your life a lot easier.

Is Making the Bed Each Day Important?

Making the bed every day can be important to some people. However, there are others who find it stressful to worry about such tasks in the morning. If you find that you’re annoyed or upset when you don’t have time to make the bed, you should be more diligent about planning how you begin your day.

How Often Should Bed Sheets Be Washed?

Sheets should always be washed about once a week. Washing them less frequently than this increases the odds of dirt and oil accumulating on the fabric. Washing them more often, however, can wear out the integrity of the material and fade the colors of the sheets.

If you’re someone who likes to get into a clean, fresh bed, the appearance of wrinkles can easily disrupt the experience. Thankfully, there are many ways to tackle this problem. Whether you invest in a sheet holder from Bed Scrunchie or you simply give a few sprays with a water bottle, you will be able to find a solution that works for you.

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