Add a little bit of luxury to your daily routine when you upgrade the bath towels in your bathroom. The best bath towels often have a simple design with an emphasis on size and materials. At Bed Scrunchie, we have towels that are oversized, heavyweight and made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton for a luxe hotel experience right at home. The simple piano keys design along the edge adds a touch of style that fits into any bathroom style. Hooded baby towels are also available in the soft Egyptian cotton fabric.

Oversized beach towels with anti-sand properties can make your beach vacation even better. Made from 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton, these towels are lightweight, quick-drying and feature a towel hook. The classic striped design comes in a variety of colors that span the spectrum from bold to neutral.

For a more absorbent towel, you may want to go with the Turkish-style peshtemal towel. It is woven into a fabric that stays plush, features anti-sand material and stays extremely soft. This can go with you from the bathroom to the beach for a versatile towel that travels well. Because the materials are natural, they won't bother your skin as you lay on the towel.

Keep your everyday towels free of makeup grime when you have a special set of makeup towels. These towels gently remove the makeup from your face. Just get the towel wet and wipe away. You'll be amazed at the results. Enjoy a quicker bedtime routine when you can clean your face fast.

No matter what towels you need, you can expect high-quality materials when you get them from Bed Scrunchie. The towels are long-lasting and just might become your favorite items in the bathroom and at the beach. They can be machine washed and dried so you can use them again and again.


How often should I order new bath towels?

Our bath towels are made out of high-quality materials that last for years. The keys to knowing if you need new towels are absorbency and fluffiness. If your towels aren't soaking up water anymore or they don't feel soft, it's time to order new towels. This can take about two years with proper care.

What materials are the bath towels made out of?

The classic hotel towels, makeup towels and the hooded baby towels we carry are made out of 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Our oversized beach towels are made out of 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton. The Turkish-style towel is made out of 100 percent cotton. Each towel is highly absorbent and soft.

What colors are available in your classic towel collections?

Our towels come in a variety of neutral colors and bold hues. The Mediterranean towels come in charcoal, sky, green, light gray and coral. Classic bath towels are available in black, white, navy, peach and gray. The baby towels come in pink, blue, white and yellow. Makeup towels only come in black.

What colors are available in your beach towel collection?

Our beach towels come in a striped pattern available in red, gray, navy, black, sand, green, yellow, orange, fuchsia and aqua.

How do I use the makeup towel?

All you need to do is get the towel wet, squeeze out the excess water and gently wipe your face.