Bed Scrunchie is the world's first 360-degree bed sheet holder, extender, and flat-to-fitted sheet converter that fixes your loose, short, or stubborn bed sheets like magic.

Yes, it works perfectly for flat or top sheets. The Bed Scrunchie converts a flat sheet into a perfectly tailored fitted sheet.

Never. The clips have been engineered in a manner that they do not harm the fabric of your sheets.

Removing the Bed Scrunchie is even easier than putting it on, simply do everything in reverse.

First unlock the buckle by pulling down on the black wheel lock. Loosen the Bed Scrunchie by slightly pulling on it to reduce the tension. You can now remove your bedsheets one corner at a time as you normally would.

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, 

Home beds, hospital beds, bunk beds, waterbeds, camper beds, inclining beds, RVs, boats, feather beds, and more.

The clips are made of the most durable plastic available out there and the string cord is made of the strongest bungee cord available.

Yes, we sell the combo pack on our website.

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Yes, Bed Scrunchie is the only bed sheet holder for adjustable bed. The patended 360-hold ensure your adjustable bed is night and tight all the way around. 

Yes, it is machine washable and dry-able but we do not recommend washing the sheets with the Bed Scrunchie on them. You can wash them separately.

Yes, definitely. You will find it amazing when you find that your four-legged friends could not disturb the tight sheet.

Bed Scrunchie is available only in Light Grey color.


The Bed Scrunchie clips are very durable and completely replaceable. You can purchase additional clips for a small fee.

Never. The Bed Scrunchie is reinforced with parachute strength bungee cord and will remain tight until you release the lock.

Yes, it is completely vegan. We do not use any animal products in the manufacture of the product.

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Yes Bed Scrunchie will work for those with Guillain Barré Syndrome  or GBS as it will remove the wrinkles from your bed sheet and help you sleep on smooth sheets. We know that GBS, Guillain Barré Syndrome causes a lot of involuntary kicking causing the sheets to come loose, causing you irritation and pain. The Bed Scrunchie is your best defense when it comes to loose messy bed sheets caused by GBS.


Move the clips around! Try moving the clips closer to the center points of the mattress and away from the corners if you feel that the top of the bed is still baggy or loose. This just Indicates that your bedsheets are just extra deep. We advise you clip the sheets above the sheets elastic line on the sides for your sheet or where ever you see bagginess. Clipping the sheets higher will pull more of the sheet fabric towards the bottom.

Make sure Bed Scrunchie buckle and cord lock is completely lose, make sure all rope is inside the channel of the scrunchie therefore giving you enough rope/elastic to accommodate the size of your mattress. Make sure the Scrunchie and sheets go on one corner at a time, ensure that each corner is fully on and that the Scrunchie is below the mattress.

Removing your Bed Scrunchie is as easy as putting it on, make sure that the wheel lock is loose and completely down towards the silver part of the rope. Then reach under your mattress to remove your bed sheets as you normally would while grabbing the Bed Scrunchie and the sheets at the same time. Remove one corner at a time.

- You only need to attach the clips on the initial set up, using the Bed Scrunchie gets easier each time!

- If using the Bed Scrunchie with a mattress topper or protector You only need to put it on once and never take it off!