How do I fold fitted sheets?

The Best Way to Fold Fitted Sheets

Bertha Berman invented fitted sheets to free the world of frustration, yet it can be frustrating in numerous ways. The oxymoronic creation is universally secured around mattresses worldwide; however, frustration arises when given the task of folding bed sheets. If you’re tired of searching for a valuable, go-to method for folding your bed sheets, then look no further. Learn how to fold your sheets and organize your life right here, right now.

The Best Way to Fold Fitted Sheets

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Learning how to fold a fitted sheet while it's not in use allows it to be stored neatly in an organized manner instead of in a chaotic bundle. Whether your sheet is going to be placed on your mattress right after the laundry is complete or you’re going to store it in the linen closet, knowing the correct steps to fold it shifts you from anxiety to peace. Follow these steps:

  1. Place your sheet inside out, then hold it long ways and insert your hands into the corners, lifting your arms like you’re praising Jesus.
  2. Bring your hands together, pinching the corners together with one hand and pulling it right side out like a pair of socks with the other.
  3. Switch hands and move southwest toward the other corner with the other hand. Insert that hand into the corner, raising your arms like in step one, bringing them together, and repeating the sock fold.
  4. Notice that there is only one fitted corner left. Switch hands again, like the previous step move southwest to grab the flat, no-pocket corner. Raise the no-pocket corner, lifting your arms once more.
  5. Notice the rectangle shape your sheet should portray, then lay it down on a flat surface to letter fold, creasing the top down, then the bottom up. Your sheet should look like a folded letter or a long rectangle.
  6. Fold the sheet into thirds, then smooth it out.

The Best Time To Fold you Bed Sheets

The best time to fold your fitted sheets is right now. Use this guide to help you proactively take charge of your life. It’s recommended that you fold your sheet as soon as it’s done drying to ensure that it traps the fresh scent of your fabric while staying wrinkle-free. The heat produced by your dryer allows your sheet to crisply lay the way you mold it. If you’ve ever tried folding something cold and wrinkled, then you know how difficult it can be. Stay proactive by folding your laundry early.

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The Best Accessories For Bed Sheets

A Bed Scrunchie is the breath of fresh air that will further reduce the stress in your life. Bertha Berman couldn’t solve every bed sheet issue, but Jack Nekhala and Michael Nusinkis-- the inventors of the Bed Scrunchie-- chased peace down. You can stretch that peace over your home and over your beds today.

Using clips for fitted sheets you can easily transform a flat sheet into a fitted sheet with the Bed Scrunchie. Fitted sheet clips hook onto your sheet allowing the scrunchie to do all the work of pulling, tightening, and smoothing your bed sheets. From pillow cases to bathrobes, keep your environment steamed up with all the comfort of a hotel.

Experience the magic of a restful night's sleep with crispy clean, neatly tight, royally fresh bed sheets. Equip your bedroom or guest room with time-saving, frustration-free accessories. Don’t let your loved ones sleep on strangers' sheets when you can provide the hotel they desire from your home.



Is There More Than One Way to Fold a Fitted Sheet?

Yes. There are many different and creative ways to fold a fitted sheet, but the steps above ensure an excellent result in a simplified manner. This style of sheet can be hard to work with, so be patient and keep practicing. The more you fold, the more comfortable and natural it becomes.

Why Is This the Best Method for Folding a Fitted Sheet?

This method for folding a fitted sheet is somewhat common and universally accepted. Your nearest cleaners likely use this type of folding technique. The smooth, flat finish easily allows your folded sheet to fit with your other laundry until you’re ready to organize it into your linen closet.

Can a Flat Sheet Be Used Like a Fitted Sheet?

Yes. With a Bed Scrunchie, you can convert any flat sheet into a fitted sheet to fit any size bed. The Bed Scrunchie has a patented 360 hold and allows you to tighten your sheet without having to continuously lift your mattress. Have a clean, hotel-style look to your bedroom with the Bed Scrunchie; stay wrinkle-free.

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