• Can I use my own sheets with Bed Scrunchie or do I have to purchase new ones?

  • Will it work on flat and top sheets?

  • How easy is it to install?

  • How do you remove the Bed Scrunchie?

  • Is there a money back guarantee or warranty?

  • Which bed sizes is Bed Scrunchie compatible with?

  • Will Bed Scrunchie work on an adjustable bed?

  • Is the Bed Scrunchie washable and dryable?

  • How many clips come with the Bed Scrunchie?

  • Will the clips damage my sheets if pulled hard over time?

  • What types of material is Bed Scrunchie made out of?

  • Can I use two Bed Scrunchies at the same time?

  • Will Bed Work for those with Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS)?

  • Is Bed Scrunchie made with any animal products?

  • When can I expect my order?

  • Is there a money-back guarantee and warranty?