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Get 2 FREE Extra Clips

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If your experience hasn't met our 5-star standard, please reach out to us right away at We genuinely care about your satisfaction and would love the opportunity to address any concerns you may have.

Products We Love

BedScrunchie® approved products that we love on


Bamboo Cooling Organic Pillow Cases

✓ Cooling Pillow Case

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Bamboo Cooling Mattress Protector

✓ Waterproof

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Luxury Floral Sheets Set
4 Peice Set

✓ 100% Organic Cotton

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Luxury Hotel Sheets Set
4-Piece Set

✓  100% Organic Cotton

Buy on Amazon

Ergonomic Weighted Sleeping Mask 

✓ Memory Foam

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Luxury Velvet Weighted Blanket 

✓ Reversible

Buy on Amazon

Premium Hotel Spa Robe  

✓ 100% Premium Cotton

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Premium Hotel Spa  Towels

✓ 100% Turkish Cotton

Buy on Amazon

Ultimate All Season Cooling Comforter

✓ Luxuriously Soft

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71krhYfyDSL._AC_SL1080_ (1).jpg__PID:bb839aa3-c7fe-498e-a79a-d506cde64118

Fresh-Scent Laundry Sheets 

✓ Replaces Detergent

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